Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Unexamined Life

"An unexamined life is not worth living 
~ Socrates

My father often recited this quote of Socrates to me. I didn't really understand what this meant until much later in life. I now know my father also lived it. In part, this is how Positive Adaptation came to ‘be’ and how I choose to live my own life.

Socrates believed that the real purpose of human life was personal and spiritual growth. He believed we are unable to grow toward greater understanding of our true nature unless we take time to examine and reflect upon our lives. As I have shared in previous posts, (view archived posts), examining our lives leads to the identification of patterns; of thought, feeling and behavior.

How many times have we thought to ourselves we are just too busy with our lives to fully contemplate our own life patterns?

If we do not become aware of these patterns, much of our life may be spent unconsciously repeating what we would prefer not to repeat. Recognizing this fact, we can see that much of the pain and discontent in our lives is avoidable.

We must take the time and make the effort! We ought to stop, reflect and evaluate our life patterns to avoid repeating those that are unhealthy for us and have left us feeling unhappy or dissatisfied. If we do not, how will we ever change and truly enjoy life?

Examining ones’ thoughts and feelings are just the first two parts of Positive Adaptation. The third and equal part of PA involves ‘doing’. Action is required, as it is in the ‘doing’ that we ultimately make the real, sustainable change(s) we need and want to live more fulfilled lives!

To experiencing the change(s) you seek in your own life!Victoria

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