Saturday, November 21, 2009

See Clearly Now So You May Grow

There is an American Indian tale about a mouse who hears a roaring noise in his ear. The mouse sets out to discover what the noise is. He encounters many animals who help him along his journey. The mouse also has the opportunity to offer help to others. He gives his eyes away to help two other animals.

Now, without his sight, he feels defenseless and decides there is nothing to do but just sit and wait "for the end". Then, suddenly, the mouse hears the sound that eagles make as they dive for their prey. The next thing he knows....he is flying and can see all the splendors around him.

The mouse hears a voice say: "You have a new name. You are now Eagle".

This tale reminds me that sometimes we have to give up our old eyes to see ourselves, others and life in general, in a new and different way. When we do this, we are rewarded with a new kind of vision - one which allows us to experience all life has to offer.

If we want to continue to become the best we can be and enjoy life to the fullest, there are times we must change the way we 'Think, Feel Do' and See. This is Positive Adaptation.

We too can become eagles and soar.

(Thank you, Renee)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Life Is What We Make It!

"Life is what we make it,
always has been,
always will be."

~ Grandma Moses
aka: Anna Mary Robertson Moses

"Grandma Moses" did not begin to paint until she was 75 years old! She chose to paint when, due to arthritis, she became unable to do her needlework any longer. She may not have been able to hold a needle any longer, however, she found she was capable of holding a paint brush. In her last 27 years of life she created over 1,600 paintings. Now that is what I call Positive Adaptation.

Anna Mary (Robertson) Moses did not always have an easy life. She bore 10 children, of which only 5 survived. She lost her husband in 1927 and never remarried.

Consider this: She was born before Abraham Lincoln was president, survived The Civil War, WW I, The Great Depression, World WW II, The Korean War and lived to see herself and the entire world around her change, several times over.

Grandma Moses is also famous for saying: "Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

It has been said that Grandma Moses remained, (until her death at 101 years young), one fiesty, strong willed, charming, warm, loving, and optimistic woman.

Grandma Moses was a personification of what I call Positive Adaptation. I can only assume that this remarkable woman did 'Think, Feel and Do' her best and certainly appeared to enjoy life to the fullest!

Anna never gave up. She positively adapted to whatever occurred and was said to have always truly loved life! We can learn so much from her attitude and how she lived her life.

If she could, we can we too.

* Please, feel free to look up the remarkable work and life story of Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka: "Grandma Moses".