Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crossroads - Part One

There are crossroads - proverbial 'fork in the road' moments in everyone's life.

At some point in life we are all faced with decisions of 'now what?'   Whether they be minor adjustments or potentially life altering changes in the direction of our life, the choices must be made.

The most obvious crossroad moments are usually easily recognizable. However, the more subtle life choices and the effect they have on our lives, may not be fully recognized until long after the moment of decision has passed. Unfortunately, most of us wait until we find ourselves unhappy and/or in enough pain to realize we may have not made the best choice for ourselves.

As children we tend to just act and think later.  Decisions appear to get increasingly more difficult with age and as adults, it is important to realize that the decisions we make now will shape our future in the years to come. We do not need to wait until the twilight of our lives to reflect back on the roads chosen or to grasp how they effected our lives. We can choose to look at them right now and change course, where needed.

While it may feel more comfortable to leave crucial life decisions in the hands of fate and faith, the path of least resistance is not always the wisest route. I choose to integrate freedom of choice, self empowerment and yes, fate and faith too, to handle matters of such importance. (I will share some stories of my own personal crossroads - forks in the road, as well as others, in my next post.)

There is not a lot of room for ambivalence, especially when you are unhappy and in pain. Yes, there are times for standing still as to best determine which direction to go. This is when we ought to utilize parts one and two of Positive Adaptation, (think and feel). There are also those times where forward movement is essential and some type of doing or action, (the third part of PA), is required.

As many others have said, "Pain is a great motivator for change". But I ask you, how much pain does it take? My response; not nearly as much as it used to!

We ought to begin to make those 'better' decisions today. We can choose to alter the course or direction of our lives, (those we have the power to), right now, this moment!

With practice, we will choose the paths that ultimately lead us to the positive change we seek in how we think, feel and do. This is the true essence of Positive Adaptation.

I am no longer afraid of the crossroads or forks in the road I will most certainly continue to encounter on the journey of my life. Today, I welcome them and view them as opportunities for more positive change and personal growth.

I wish the same for you.....


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