Sunday, March 15, 2009

Practice Embracing Your Emotions

Journaling and 'Saying It Out Loud'

Journaling and 'Saying it Out Loud' are the two first ways you might try to achieve embracing those emotions, which to date, you may have been minimizing or trying to ignore. (Read the previous post, if you have not already).

I find keeping a journal in which I write down my inner most feelings and them saying them out loud, very therapeutic.

Part One: Keeping a Journal
Writing in journal is a private way to be gut wrenchingly honest, introspective and examine the stuff that you're made of, without hurting yourself or anyone else!

Getting feelings out in this way, whatever they may be, offers you the ability to analyze them, now or later. In time, you will become aware of patterns, (see previous posts on this topic), and the core reason why you're feeling the way you are.

I try to keep something to write on with me at all times, (especially near my bed), as I never know when a thought or feeling is going to ‘pop up’. I find using sticky notes easiest as then I can place them or write them in my journal later.

This method allows me to feel my emotions, as they are. Over time, I am able to see and feel them as less negative or more positive in nature. I actually feel better the more I write and as I continue to review previous entries.

Eventually, your feelings will most likely change, (everything does). At the very least, they will become more manageable, hold less power over you and no longer dictate your actions.

Here are some the questions I ask myself when I am writing in my journal. ~ What am I feeling right now?
~ When did it start?
~ How am I feeling and what does it make me want to do?
~ What were the triggers for this emotion?
~ What images come to mind as I feel it?
~ When else have I felt this way? Is it familiar or something new?
~ What would I really like to say to a particular person, event or myself, right now?(You may find you have others that would help you as well)

Part Two: Get it Out: Say it Out Loud!
I actually say what I am feeling or would like to say, in front of a mirror, (while I know I am alone, of course). However, you can choose to use your pillow or any other way that you find works best for you. Even if you feel silly at first, give it a valiant effort. If one way does not work for you, try another. It really does get easier and you will become more comfortable doing it.

I swear by this method as it has saved me, on more than one occasion, from acting out in ways I would most likely have regretted.

Remember, Positive Adaptation is one part thinking, one part feeling, one part doing and requires all three.

I am always open to learning new ways to embrace my own feelings, so please, feel free to share your own experiences with me!

Good Luck!

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