Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crossroads: It's Not Too Late!

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what, (where), you've always gotten."
~ Kenneth Blanchard

We can choose to go in another direction!

"It's never too late to be the person you were always meant to be."
~ Geroge Eliot

In my last post, I wrote about how we all face crossroads, proverbial 'forks in the road', at some point(s) in our lives. It is at these crossroad moments we are called upon to make decisions: stay the course, (probably remain the same, no change), or make adjustments and/or life altering changes to the direction of our lives. It is in these change of directions we often find the most positive results.

I am living proof of what George Eliot said; it is never too late to become the person you are meant to be. It was not to late for me to change directions, (as needed or desired), to continue becoming the person I believed I was meant to be and it is not too late for you either!

I have had several crossroad moments, some more obvious than others and some requiring that I make some sharp turns. One such example: having undergone many vocational tests during and just after high school, the combined results of the tests concluded that I was best suited for either a "helping profession" or becoming an accountant. I chose to become a nurse and had to take Chemistry. I was not good at it, it did not come naturally and I was not 'getting it' at all. I got a tutor, but to no avail.

One day, the professor called me into his office to discuss my 'progress'. At that meeting, he handed me a dime and told me to call my parents to tell them I was not going to going on to nursing school. Apparently, if you could not pass Chemistry, nursing, as a career path, was out. I left school after that and went into the business world. I did become a comptroller, which is like the company accountant, and made a good living.

I was okay with this decision for years. However, as time past, I found myself becoming increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied with my life. I felt and found myself telling popele, "I have plenty of food on the table, but my soul is hungry". It was then that I knew! I needed to make, another, change in my life. But how and in what way?

Even before I had a name for it, I utilized Positive Adaptation. I examined my thoughts and feelings and based on them, I knew I had to do something differently, if I wanted to become 'happier' within myslef and my life.

I believed then, as I still do now, I was meant to be more of a "professional helper". I continued to work while I also went back to school. I majored, as an undergraduate, in Psychology/Neuropsychology. Yes, I had to take Chemistry again, but this time I passed with flying colors!

I went on for my Masters in Counseling and am now a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, in private practice. It was not only doing well in the classes that helped 'change' me, it was all of the support from professors, fellow students, family, friends and my own counseling sessions, where I learned to believe in myself and my path.

Of course, (just as all of you), I have had hardships: breakups to deal with, life style changes, marriage, children and many other crossroad moments. All of these and other life events have required me to make some kind of adjustment or larger changes, in a continuing effort to become the best I can be.

Positive Adaptation has remained my guide; as reminding myself to 'think, feel and do' continues to help me on my journey.

My soul is no longer hungry, (except for more chances to learn and be even more joyful). Why? Because I believe I am doing all I can to become the person I was meant to be.

Please, share some of your crossroad moments. I always enjoy hearing how others, when faced with the signs, decided where and which direction to go in, on their own journey, to becoming who they were meant to be.

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