Monday, May 27, 2013

Standing In Your Truth

Are You.....
Standing In Your Truth.

Stand in what truth? What does that really mean you ask?  Ask yourselves the questions below for starters:

1. Who am I, really? (Now, today, not who I used to be or who others told me I was.)
2. Am I even aware of my current thought, feeling and behavioral  patterns?
3. Are any of them,( #2's), no longer useful, or worse, now harmful to me? 
4. Have I considered how I will learn to make the necessary changes, in myself, so that I may break these old and harmful patterns?
5. In what ways would I better experience life, love and most especially, become my Authentic Self, when I do?
6. Am I ready to Stand In My Truth and begin the process of living in real and sustainable positive change, today?
If the answer to #6 is a resounding YES, then, please, stick with it.

Stand in your truth, as this is where real personal freedom is found.

Please review the archive of some of older posts on this blog.  Choose a few titles that catch your eye or appear to address the change you seek and read on.  After doing so, please go back and ask yourselves these same 6 questions above, once again.

I think you will see, we all have ways in which we can make positive changes in ourselves which will lead us to live life and enjoy life to its' fullest!

Enjoy the moments. The very best ones are when you are standing in your truth.


(photo by: Renee Rendler-Kaplan)

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